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Security activity organisation

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You are attracted by extreme professions and you want to find a career in the system of public security and safety, National Guards Unit, Special Counter-terrorist Unit, Court Security, professional army, police, private and sate security structures!

The profession of Security officer is the right one for you and at PPC INTERNATIONAL SECURITY AND SAFETY SERVICES, SOFIA we guarantee that you will receive professional training at European level in order to become a professionalist with sound knowledge, skills and professional competence in the fourth – the highest degree of professional qualification. 

General qualification aim of the training

Preparation of highly qualified, competent professionals in the field of security, who successfully perform the functions of the organization and implementation of security activities and effectively counteract criminal offenses against persons and property.

Main disciplines in the curriculum


  • Security Structures, Interaction with State Authorities and Officials;
  • Combat Application Techniques and Defensive Tactics;
  • Rules for Handling of Firearms and Shooting Training;
  • Processing and Safekeeping of Documents;
  • Civil, Corporate and Banking Security;
  • Private Security;
  • Technical Security Systems;
  • Organisation, Forms and Methods of the Security Services;
  • Risks and Risk Reduction Strategies;
  • Psychological Structure of the Security Service;
  • Principles of Communication, Professional Ethics and Standards;
  • Teamwork;
  • Economic Development and Economic Sustainability;
  • Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities of the Security Officer;
  • Basic Legal Training;
  • Criminology;
  • First Aid;
  • English

Acquired skills

Upon completion of the vocational training the candidates will:

  • bе aware of the significance of their profession, be motivated for the flawless execution of their functional duties;
  • be familiar with the nature, principles and types of security services;
  • be familiar and comply with the requirements of the normative documents when performing their security service duties;
  • know their rights and duties as officials under the Penal Code, the Law on Private Security and the European standards for protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens;
  • be familiar with the structure of the organization they work in and the power of the officials;
  • be familiar with and apply the rules for keeping, processing, sorting, filing and storage of documents, differentiate between and complete standard and unified documents;
  • know how to use their assigned weapon and other aids;
  • plan and organize the implementation of current tasks and solve problems related to security services;
  • organise effectively their working hours and work place;
  • assess the quality of the work performed in accordance with the normative requirements;
  • be capable of providing security services complying with the normative regulations, be familiar with and apply the legal norms governing the behavior and actions of members of the security in normal and emergency situations; be familiar with the normative and main documents governing the organization, function and characteristics of the secured facility; analyze the current situation and act in accordance with it;
  • be familiar with the means and methods for protection of mass events;
  • know and apply the basic means and methods for detecting, investigating and preventing crime;
  • know the methods of cooperative work with law enforcement agencies and may carry out operative cooperation when necessary;
  • know the purpose, combat, technical and construction characteristics of the short and long guns and the defense aids;
  • be familiar with the methods of providing first aid in case of injury with cold and gas weapons and firearms;
  • be capable of organizing the security of premises;
  • know the types and methods of providing security services to premises, persons and events;
  • determine the risk level and develop risk reduction strategies;
  • organize the cooperation of the physical security in the operation of technical security systems;
  • control the security team in performing their functional responsibilities;
  • apply disciplinary measures and sanctions for violations by the members of the security;
  • assess, evaluate and motivate members of the security;
  • be able to perform security research and evaluation of premises, to create the organization for the private security of persons, facilities and events;

The training in PPC International Security and Safety Services in the profession of Security officer, specialty Security Activities Organisation, provides high level of training and acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The vocational training is organized in suitable learning environment equipped with modern equipment and in conformity with the requirements of the profession. The practical training in the profession is done in real work environment – stadiums, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, shooting gallery and other sports facilities, equipped with sports equipment and technical facilities necessary for carrying out highly effective training process.

Our lecturers and instructors have extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge. There are two forms of studies – day-time and part-time. The duration of training is two years and upon completion of their studies the students take state examinations in theory and practice of the profession/specialty and obtain a Certificate for professional qualification for the profession of Security officer, specialty: Security Activities Organisation – fourth degree of professional qualification. The document is valid in Europe.

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